Global Skyware offers a complete line of receive-transmit VSAT antennas and receive-only commercial quality antennas in sizes from 69cm to 2.4 meters. These antennas are available with a variety of C-Band and Ku-Band feed and feed support configurations.

The antenna feed support classification is based upon RF electronic equipment weight allowance at the feedhorn.

Class I:    Accommodates 2.0 kg / 4.5 lb. for BUC and LNB or 2.2 kg / 4.8 lb. for Transceiver

Class II:   Accommodates 3.6 kg / 8 lb. for BUC and LNB

Class III:  Accommodates 11 kg / 25 lb. for BUC and LNB

Type approved models are available for INTELSAT®, Eutelsat, AsiaSat and many other international satellite platforms.


Global Skyware is driving innovation in the satellite broadband terminal equipment market. We offer high quality antenna systems for transmission and reception of satellite signals in the emerging Ka-Band. Sizes range from 69cm to 1.2M. Our specialized, custom designs have helped the largest companies in satellite broadband grow their service offering with the highest quality, cost-effective solutions.