Global Skyware has produced and shipped more than 10 million Direct to Home (DTH) antennas over the last ten years. Global Skyware is the vendor of choice for many of the world’s largest DTH operators and our antennas are deployed extensively in North America and Europe.

Global Skyware provides a range of high performance metal and plastic (SMC) antennas with diameters ranging from 50cm to 1m at Ku and Ka frequencies. Our range of antennas includes both circular and elliptical apertures suitable for traditional and multi-satellite DTH applications.

Our metal antennas are stamped from galvanized steel with high surface accuracy. Our steel mount designs and patented Cam adjustment mechanisms ensure rapid and accurate adjustment of the antenna providing guaranteed performance throughout the operational range. Our SMC antennas provide a robust solution for extreme environments but also significantly reduce the risk of damage during shipment and installation and provide a corrosion resistant reflective surface.

Global Skyware’s engineering excellence allows us to quickly develop custom antennas that meet the most stringent performance requirements. Global Skyware’s manufacturing facilities produce cost competitive OEM products. Working with our LNB partners, Global Skyware can also offer a complete ODU solution.