HISPASAT and Global Skyware develop a solution to provide satellite triple play services

HISPASAT, the Spanish satellite communications operator, has reached an agreement with Global Skyware, part of Global Invacom Group Limited, a world-wide satellite communications equipment provider, to develop a terminal that allows satellite data, voice and video services to be integrated in a single antenna.


The solution, developed by Global Skyware, is based on a dichroic subreflector which is integrated in the satellite broadband access terminal and allows the Ka band (used for data) to be pass through to the transceiver and the Ku band (for video) to be reflected to the device that receives the video signal, the LNB (Low Noise Block). The subreflector has minimal impact on performance and the price will not differ greatly from a conventional terminal. This system enables one unit to receive audio-visual contents in the Ku band as well as data services in the Ka band.


Through this antenna, HISPASAT’s satellites will be able to offer convergent services from the same orbital position, thus allowing its current offer to be expanded with minimal impact on the user’s equipment. The system is also fully compatible with different satellite Internet providers available on the market, which offers great flexibility to service providers who work with HISPASAT.


This solution is ideal for the 30ºW and 61ºW orbital positions, which are the reference positions for the European and Latin American market and have more than 1,200 channels transmitted, 6 million paid DTH (Direct-to-Home) service subscribers and more than 60 million TV users through the cable head-ends connected to HISPASAT. Apart from this audio-visual service offer HISPASAT also incorporates capacity in the Ka band in its Amazonas 3, Amazonas 5, H36W-1 and H30W-6 satellites, which will allow more than a half million people to connect to the digital world in upcoming years.


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Last Time Buy Notification

Due to component obsolescence, Global Skyware is announcing a Last Time Buy for the following:

  • Type 244 Dual Optics antenna
  • 1.8M and 2.4M King Post Pedestal Mounts
Product Part # Description
2.4M Dual Optics 62-2445202
2.4M Dual Optics Ku Antenna System
Pedestal Mount 610013001 1.8M King Post Pedestal Mount 4.5″
Pedestal Mount 610013101 2.4M King Post Pedestal Mount 6.625″


There is a limited supply of inventory, therefore once this inventory is depleted, the opportunity for last time buy will close.


All purchase orders are non-cancelable and non-returnable.  Standard minimum order requirements and standard warranty apply.


Global Skyware appreciates and values our business relationship and looks forward to your continued interest in our products. We apologize for any inconvenience this announcement may cause.


Please contact your local salesperson, sales@skywareglobal.com or 919-934-9711 for additional information.

mWAVE Industries acquires assets of the Gabriel and Mark Antenna Brands

On 8/24/15, mWave Industries acquired the Skyware Global assets of the Gabriel and Mark Antenna Microwave Brands.  mWave is an established manufacturer of Microwave antenna products with the resources to fulfill customer needs for these established product lines. The principals of mWave bring significant knowledge of the product lines given their prior experience at Gabriel Electronics. We believe this acquisition best serves the needs of customers and the market… (view announcement)

Global Invacom has completed the acquisition of Skyware Global

Following the announcement on the 2nd of June (view announcement) for the acquisition of Skyware Global, the leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of satellite antennas, an extraordinary general meeting was set on the 19th of August. The final decision was voted by the shareholders at the end of this meeting. The result of the vote was almost unanimously in favor of the acquisition of Skyware Global (view announcement


The acquisition was completed on the 24th of August (view announcement).


Skyware Global is now part of Global Invacom, adding new products such as large scale dishes, technology and state of the art microwave test ranges.


Also with the acquisition of Skyware Global by Global Invacom, Mr Gregory Knox Jones (Skyware Global’s former beneficial owner) was appointed to the board as Non-Executive Director (view announcement).

Skyware Global Acquired by Global Invacom

Singapore, 2 June 2015 – Global Invacom Group Limited (“Global Invacom” or “the Group”) today announces its intention to acquire Skyware Global (“Skyware”), a leading U.S. manufacturer of satellite terminals. This transaction is subject to the approval by the shareholders of Global Invacom. Through this acquisition, Global Invacom will add Skyware as its U.S. manufacturing presence to its existing Sat Comms production footprint in Asia (China – two locations, Israel and Malaysia) and Europe (U.K. – two locations). Skyware is the second acquisition by Global Invacom since its successful AIM Market listing in July 2014 which raised US$15 million in gross proceeds. Following the acquisition, Global Invacom will be the world’s only full‐service outdoor unit supplier, providing an extensive portfolio of products from antennas and electronics to accessories. Together with Skyware’s range of VSAT terminals and solutions for a wide range of Ka‐band and direct‐to‐home satellite terminals, Global Invacom will assume a leading global position in the design and manufacture of satellite communication equipment at a time of rising demand for internet connectivity globally.


Skyware Global helps local causes

Johnston Health 5k run to raise money for the Angel Fund and the Healthy Kids Fund:

The event raised more than $20,000 for the Angel Fund and the Healthy Kids program. Alison Drain, director of the Johnston Health Foundation, says the event is becoming a popular healthful team-building activity for local businesses and a way to highlight and raise awareness about the work and mission of the foundation.  The Angel Fund assists cancer patients with needs related to their illness, and the Healthy Kids program teaches healthful nutrition and exercise habits to children who are at-risk for poor health. Some of those children walked and ran in the event on Saturday.

Skyware Global… Spin-Off Success Expected

Skyware Global has spun off its satellite electronics engineering and Tactical Ground Systems deployable terminals businesses to create Skyware Technologies. Skyware Global will continue to focus on the innovative total system development, design, and manufacturing of its world-class, antenna systems for the DTH, consumer broadband and VSAT markets.