Global Skyware’s 40-year legacy continues to lead in satellite and terrestrial network technologies.

Satellite Ground Terminals, Wireless Broadband, and Direct to Home Satellite communication gear.

The History of Global Skyware

Global Skyware was formed as part of the acquisition of Satellite Acquisition Corporation by Global Invacom in August 2015. Global Skyware is one of the world largest suppliers of Consumer Broadband and VSAT antennas.

Our products and our manufacturing facility in North Carolina have a heritage of more than 60 years with the original products manufactured under the Channel Master Name. The company has supplied both VSAT and DTH products to many customers throughout the world. These are deployed by leading satellite operators who recognize the excellence in design and manufacture of the Skyware product for enterprise systems.

We are the world leader in the production of antennas using the Thermoset Molding Process. With this process, the company can produce the most accurate and durable receive transmit and receive-only antennas in the industry. Made to the highest quality standard our designs and process allows us to offer Ka Band performance from these Thermoset Molded antennas.

Building on our heritage, Global Skyware always has an eye to the future and continuously seeks new materials, better designs and more performance to meet the new demands of the world’s best OEM’s and satellite operators.

Global Skyware (Raven) was the designer and supplier of the world’s first Ka consumer broadband antenna deployed by Wild Blue in 2004. Since that time Skyware has manufactured more than 3 million consumer broadband antennas which are now deployed in North America and Europe. These cost effective antennas provide guaranteed RF performance by providing accurate and repeatable reflector surfaces, high accuracy pressure die cast feed components, and mounts which allow very accurate antenna alignment with minimal installation time.

The thermoset molded antenna is extremely durable and is able to withstand the harshest environmental conditions of UV, wind, snow, ice, and acid rain exposure. The antenna construction ensures that damage is unlikely to be an issue even when rough handling during shipment or installation of the product takes place. The reflective surface of the antenna is fully embedded guaranteeing that no corrosion can occur during the extended lifetime of the product.